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About Don Schwartz
I am a journalist, author, actor, consultant, and networker.

I review documentary films and interview their filmmakers. Occasionally I interview narrative filmmakers. I want more people -- especially those in power -- to see more documentary films.

Although my Facebook Page, officialdonschwartz, focuses on documentary films, many of my posts are resourceful for all independent filmmakers -- worldwide.

I stay in touch with advances in the natural health world.

Although I am a peacenik, I've always been fascinated by aviation -- including, of course, war planes -- and space travel.

I can't claim a specific political profile because my positions on issues run the entire gamut of that particular spectrum ideas, ideals, and propaganda.

Most of the online petitions I sign are in support of environmental/ecological health and balance as well as animal rights.

My dream is to be a movie mogul and greenlight all the movies and documentaries I want to see. Well since we're dreaming, to bring peace on earth, heal our ecosphere, and participate in the evolutionary raising of humanity's consciousness -- and grace.

To me, the paranormal is not 'para.'